Quality Material of Vitan, Silicon, EPDP.U. NEOPRENE, NITRILE, BUTYL, HYPALON ETC.

  • Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket

  • Rubber Mould

  • Oil Seals

  • Sandwitch Plate

  • Diaphragms

  • Rubber Bellow

  • Pocketed Belt

  • Sector Roller & Suction Cups
Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket
Rubber Gasket used in plate heat exchanger for sealing purpose, used at change in temperature in any liquid form, these heat exchangers are manufactured by ALFA - LAVAL, PRAJ INDIA, GEO - ECOFLEX, IDMC & other reputed heat exchanger manufacturers.
Rubber Mould
Unipaver (ZigZag) design Rubber Mould used to manufacture Locker Finish Tiles & Paver Blocks, Reflective & Multicoloured Paver Blocks.
  Oil Seals
Oil Seals used for Shaft Sealing in vertical or horizontal sealing in compressor, Gear Box, Motor to protect Oil, Water or any Liquid.
Sandwitch Plate  
Sandwitch Plate used in Tiles Industry to manufacture chequered tiles of any design, specially used in occem & parijather to produce bulk quantity.
Rubber Diaphragms with Nylon Inserted, Reinforced in any polymer, used in Pneumatic hydraulic control valves, Actuators, Solindid valves, Counting instruments, Regulators etc.
Rubber Bellow  
Rubber Bellow for protecting Shaft, RAM in Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinder to protect the ram from dust, water or any foreign particle, Bellows can be in any diamentiones in any shapes & corrugations.
  Pocketed Belt
Pocketed Belt for ACMA 711 wrapping machine used to conveyed particular size, diamentiones articles for wrapping.  Mostly used in Soap Industry after stamping of soap forwarded through this pocketed belt to wrap the soap.
Sector Roller & Suction Cups  
Sector Roller
Rubberising on geared shaft, called as Sector Roller used in wrapping machine to grip paper or similar product while wrapping the item.  Smooth finish, parallality & balancing are important in this roller.

Suction Cups
Suction cups used in soap plant to remove the product from the cavity of die & to put on conveyor also used in wrapping machine to put in wrapper, this item can be used anywhere to pickup any plain surface product, capacity to pickup is depend on the size by cup.