Quality Material of Vitan, Silicon, EPDP.U. NEOPRENE, NITRILE, BUTYL, HYPALON ETC.

  • Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket

  • Rubber Mould

  • Oil Seals

  • Sandwitch Plate

  • Diaphragms

  • Rubber Bellow

  • Pocketed Belt

  • Sector Roller & Suction Cups
Cleated Conveyor Belt, Pocketed Belt &
Suction Cups
Plate Type Heat Exchanger Rubber Gasket
PU, PVC Conveyor Belts
V' Rings & Diaphragms
Metal Bonded & Rubber Spacer of Slitter
Seals & 'O' Rings
Oil Seals
Impeller, Sector Roller & Pump Body
Chevron Packings &
Twin Sets
Rubber Sheets
Rubber Pads
Extruded Profile,
Tubes & Cord
B/F Valve Sleeve
& Spider Coupling
Solid Tubeless Tyres
Rubber, Fabric, Leather Bellows & Expansion Joints